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MOSAIC Resources

MOSAIC Gateway Program

The MOSAIC Gateway program provides holistic admission review and learning communities for students who face particular academic and social challenges but show strong potential to succeed in college. Nominations to the program are made by UCCS  admissions committees upon review of a UCCS application and required support documents. A limited number of students are admitted to the program on a case-by-case basis and are required to participate in the MOSAIC Gateway learning community their first semester. The learning community is designed to provide added layers of support needed to promote academic and social success for MOSAIC Gateway Scholars.

MOSAIC Gateway  is coordinated by Anthony Cordova, Director of MOSAIC (Multicultural Office for Student Access, Inclusiveness and Community). MOSAIC provides support with admission, academic coaching, mentoring, and college transition for all students. MOSAIC serves all UCCS students and specializes in supporting students who are ethnically diverse, international, LGBTQ, first generation, and/or non-traditional.

High school counselors, teachers and other mentors are encouraged to refer and recommend appropriate students who feel that their academic performance, ACT/SAT score and GPA do not accurately reflect their true potential. for the MOSAIC Gateway program by contacting Anthony Cordova at